Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Compose Your Frame

I went on a walk on one of my favorite trails and took this picture on my phone. I had the grid settings turned on so I could use the rule of thirds. I placed everything that was not the floor of the bridge on two-thirds from the top. I also used the diagonal rule to capture the rail of this bridge to make the picture more dynamic. By doing so, it sends the eye to the z-axis, especially with how wide the top part of the rail is and the zig-zag line that runs through the middle. My picture included various graphic vectors. First. The vertical lines move the eye up to the sky. The lines on the floor lead your eye to the river. The brige itself is another vector but is a more psychological one. The floor space there gives a sense of momentum that naturally, you'd keep walking forward, especially along with all of the other vectors in the picture that lead to the z-axis. 


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