Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Compose Your Frame

I went on a walk on one of my favorite trails and took this picture on my phone. I had the grid settings turned on so I could use the rule of thirds. I placed everything that was not the floor of the bridge on two-thirds from the top. I also used the diagonal rule to capture the rail of this bridge to make the picture more dynamic. By doing so, it sends the eye to the z-axis, especially with how wide the top part of the rail is and the zig-zag line that runs through the middle. My picture included various graphic vectors. First. The vertical lines move the eye up to the sky. The lines on the floor lead your eye to the river. The brige itself is another vector but is a more psychological one. The floor space there gives a sense of momentum that naturally, you'd keep walking forward, especially along with all of the other vectors in the picture that lead to the z-axis. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pack Rats Team: Facebook

I was in charge of changing up the Facebook for Pack Rats. Previously, the page had no website, reviews, pictures, or videos. The page was there but it was not very active. Below are pictures of what it used to look like. You can see that there was page that but had no Gestalt principles or attracted any audience. The page only had two photos, a phone number, and an address.

This is the link to the new Facebook page. 

The first thing I did was create a username (PackRatsPropertyPreservation) for the page so it would be easier to find when searching for the company online. As soon as you enter the page, you are greeted with the new Pack Rats logo and picture of Troy, the owner. This logo contains the Gestalt principle of closure. The name acts as the foundation and walls for the roof. This works well for the business because it is line with what Troy does with his business. Pinned at the top of the page is the 30 second video that was created. This video visually communicates what the company and allows viewers to see the results of Troy's work. The updated page now has 5 stars from the reviews we were able to receive from previous customers. All of which we have replied to and thanked for their service. For someone who is visiting the page, they can see that the company is real and those who have worked with Troy have had a pleasant experience. We hope that this elicits a response from them and decide to hire Pack Rats Property Preservation. There is also now a link to the new website, business service hours, and before and after photos of Troy's previous work. The Facebook has gained more likes and interactions since the updates and continues to reach more people every day. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Design Evaluation

According to iTunes Music, these two albums are categorized in the Pop genre and were released in 2016. Both also have a value price of $13. 

Bad Design
The color looks washed out. Title is also hardly visible because there is not enough contrast between the letters and Britney. No Gestalt Principles apply to this album cover.

Good Design
Contrast: The bright red creates contrast with the white and the golden crown. 
Gestalt Principle: Law of Closure is present with the bottom half of Rihanna's body. The album cover demonstrates the Law of Pragnanz when looking at the girl. At first you see one person but there is actually two different shadows behind the girl.
Texture: The braille in the background is a poem for Rihanna by Chloe Mitchell .

"I sometimes fear that I am misunderstood.
It is simply because what I want to say,
What I need to say, won't be heard.
Heard in a way I so rightfully deserve.
What I choose to say is of so much substance
That people just won't understand the depth of my message.
So my voice is not my weakness,
It is the opposite of what others are afraid of.
My voice is my suit and armor,
My shield, and all that I am.
I will comfortably breath in it, until I find the moment to be silent.
I live loudly in my mind, so many hours of the day.
The world is pin drop sound compared to the boom
That thumps and bumps against the walls of my cranium.
I live it and love it and despise it and I am entrapped in it.
So being misunderstood, I am not offended by the gesture, but honored.
If they let us…"

"The crown is a metaphor to appreciate small things in life. The balloon is lighter than air and is a metaphor for escaping reality." - Roy Nachum

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Contrast, Balance, and Harmony

This is a picture by a photographer called Alexander Yakovelv. This image is part of a series where he photographed ballerinas while adding the dynamic element of exploding flour. This picture is beautiful to me because it is powerful while still being graceful and captures contrast, balance, and harmony well. First, there is contrast with the black background and and her elongated arm which looks stunning and creates an infinite line that extends beyond her fingers. Not only is there also contrast on her with all the shadows, the flour also creates contrast. The ballerina is standing on pointe and holding passé position strongly while the exploding flour looks like its moving all around her. A lot of the flour covers her body but with the law of closure, my eyes fill in the rest of her torso. Her position is also creating balance by having one leg in front of her and one arm back allows her to balance and hold this position on one leg.  All of this creates harmony within the picture which makes it beautiful to look at.

From a pscyhological context, this picture takes me back on stage when I used to do pointe and gives me a nostalgic feeling. I miss dancing and being on stage and looking at pictures of beautiful dancers brings me a lot of happiness. I think pictures like this depict strength because ballet is tougher than it looks and that is the beauty of it. Trying to look light and graceful while being powerful and strong is the whole essence.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Visceral Response

This is a picture of  the downtown San Diego skyline that I found on Google. I was drawn to this picture because I love sunsets for their stunning colors that change within minutes. This sunset has different hues of blue, purple, pink, and orange which reflect stunningly on the water.

My eye is drawn to the skyline because it lies horizontally which brings a sense of peace and relaxation. Also because there is negative space above and below it. I can see that the sun is setting on the west because of the light's gradient effect from left to right in the sky which also creates contrast and shadows on every building. Another thing that I like about this picture is that some buildings are symmetrical within the skyline but overall it is asymmetrically stronger to the left because of the two tall buildings.